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Army Ten-Miler

Captain Clevy Nelson-Royster participated in the Army Ten-Miler


She has always been very athletic and played on school basketball teams and traveling basketball teams.  At Tuskegee she joined the cross country team.  Her scores for physical fitness, alone with her academic accomplishments were what attracted the Army to Clevy.  When she learned about the Army Ten-Miler, running in this event was just a natural thing for her to do.



About the Army Ten-Miler

The Army’s annual Army Ten-Mile Race and Expo takes place in Washington, DC.  The runners include both military and civilians alike.  They encompass team and individual participants from around the world, amounting to over 35,000 runners.  The purpose is to exemplify the Spirit of Sport and the Spirit of a Nation while supporting Army outreach, building morale and promoting physical fitness.  Over 900 Soldiers and 900 volunteers support the Army’s “world class” ATM race.

The Army Ten-Miler began in 1985 and the event open to the public.

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