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Joining the Army Was An Honor

Captain Clevy Muchette Nelson-Royster - #justiceforclevy

Clevy Nelson-Royster proudly attended Tuskegee University.  Her outstanding grades and work ethic at the university created a number of different opportunities for her from being the Membership Chair of the Tuskegee Pre-Alumni Club to being the Business Office Dean's Assistant, etc.  She always stood out with excellence.

During Clevy's freshman year in college, her mom worked two jobs and they took out loans to help pay her tuition.  When she first got there, she poured herself into her classes, became a member of prominent clubs and a member of Tuskegee's cross country team.  She is a talented athlete and has always excelled in terms of physical capabilities and academically. In college, she was no different.

She excelled in everything!

Her fitness score on her first PT test, unbeknownst to her, was extremely high.  She didn't even know what the passing standards were, but simply did her best as she did with all of her endeavors.  Because of her scores, The ROTC Leadership Team approached her and exposed her to the opportunities that the army offered.  She thought about her grandfather and her great uncle who were both "lifers" in the military and decided to give it a try.

She committed herself to learning everything she could about the army and discovered a passion for the military.

Throughout her tenure at Tuskegee, she stayed active in extra-curricular activities and organizations while simultaneously working two jobs, participating in all required ROTC classes and activities and pushed herself to obtain two bachelors degrees within four years.

Two Army ROTC instructors chose Clevy to attend the Army Airborne School because of her GPA and outstanding scores from a physical competition.

She pushed herself daily through the intense, grueling three week training course with a never-give-up attitude for excellence.  She completed five successful plane jumps and graduated from Airborne school.  She graduated from Tuskegee Magna Cum Laud with two degrees - Bachelor of Science Business Administration and Bachelor of Science Sales and Marketing.

In terms of her army career, as a captain, she enjoys the opportunity to encourage her soldiers to reach for the stars and go after their dreams in the military.  She enjoys building a team and making sure all of her members know their value and contribution to the mission's success.  Whenever she has the opportunity to re-enlist, promote or award her soldiers, she takes great pride in doing so as she continues to push them to the next level.